Friday, June 29, 2012

My best piece of Writing

Well, as you all know it’s nearly the holidays so, Room 18 was up for a mission to write the best piece of writing we could come up with and I’m writing about all the fun we've had this term.  So my story begins...

Going down to the Tamaki-Rec centre was an amazing experience because my team have taught me a lot of things like using cooperation, participation and partnership in everything we've done together.   There were ups and downs but, I loved every single thing we did there.  My favourite game we did was playing Hockey and Basketball.

This term we are studying Art Alive we had been assigned to our favourite place and now it has been displayed in our very own Art Gallery.  Everyone has been working very hard to get their art on display.  My favourite place I painted in Vincent Van Gogh’s style was the Pt England Beach and I think I did a very good job on it!

My favourite highlights of this term is going down to the Tamaki-Rec centre and meeting new people because, I loved playing new sports and games with our Yr 12-13.  I've meet a lot of new people in my new class and I’m happy I meet them.

One thing I did not like about this term was we didn’t go down to the Rec-centre that much so, I hope next term we can go as much as possible.

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