Friday, June 29, 2012

My best piece of Writing

Well, as you all know it’s nearly the holidays so, Room 18 was up for a mission to write the best piece of writing we could come up with and I’m writing about all the fun we've had this term.  So my story begins...

Going down to the Tamaki-Rec centre was an amazing experience because my team have taught me a lot of things like using cooperation, participation and partnership in everything we've done together.   There were ups and downs but, I loved every single thing we did there.  My favourite game we did was playing Hockey and Basketball.

This term we are studying Art Alive we had been assigned to our favourite place and now it has been displayed in our very own Art Gallery.  Everyone has been working very hard to get their art on display.  My favourite place I painted in Vincent Van Gogh’s style was the Pt England Beach and I think I did a very good job on it!

My favourite highlights of this term is going down to the Tamaki-Rec centre and meeting new people because, I loved playing new sports and games with our Yr 12-13.  I've meet a lot of new people in my new class and I’m happy I meet them.

One thing I did not like about this term was we didn’t go down to the Rec-centre that much so, I hope next term we can go as much as possible.
This week David and I are re-creating a post that I have done earlier this term. If you read on you might find some changers on this post.

On Friday in our second session Room 18 and 16 has been having a terrific time down at the Tamaki Rec-Centre mostly every Friday.  We meet up with our Year 12’s in the gym and they make up very pleasant games for us to play.  

Last week we did Orienteering. We had to team up with one other person and my choice was David.  We got given a map and a pen and then we headed off.  I looked at the first direction closest to David and I had no idea what we were looking for.  

After all of that running it was time to meet back at the gym.  I looked at how much letters we collected and thought we did a pretty good  job but could have done better, but at the end it was about having fun.

Things I really loved about going down to the Rec is meeting new people, playing terrific games and having fun.

Monday, June 18, 2012

This week, my class Room 18 and I have been assigned on a good piece of writing and artwork about our favourite place.

We have been given an opportunity to show our drawings or paintings at the Art Gallery where everyone from Room 1 and up their work will be on display.  Everyone will have their own different style.

I chose this picture because of the native trees and sand but, also comparing the glittering and shining sun seeing the reflection of the trees off the ocean “It stands out from the rest.”

Why is the Pt England Beach my favourite place while because there are very many value and enjoyable things to do like Swimming, Volley, relaxing and many more but, no that’s not my reason my reason is because I love hanging with my family and just chilling out it’s where all the good times we had were at.

The beach is amazing for any hot and sizzling day but, mostly in Summer my favourite season of the month.  So where's your FAVOURITE place.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Indian In The Cupboard.

This term, my class has been given an opportunity to explore an enjoyable story - a novel study. “The Indian in the Cupboard” is the book that my group and I have been reading daily. I have been delighted with this story and hopefully you (my readers) will enjoy it too.

Our story begins with a birthday. It’s Omris’ special day and he receives a second hand plastic indian.  I know this doesn’t sound exciting, but trust me, it really is! This little plastic figure actually comes to life!

I think the story itself so far is a really good and enjoyable.

We read our novel stories from our Notebook, it’s really easy because you don’t have to flip a page you just scroll down.  If you have a problem or trouble you can have a conversation with someone in your group.
Last week we came passed an unfamiliar word, and that word was tantalizing.  What does tantalizing mean? Tantalizing means to torment with something desired but out of reach.