Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taonga Time

Every Friday for hour and a half our 7's and 8's have Taonga time. Taonga is a maori word and it means treasure time why do we go where? It’s because we get to learn about our teacher’s different passion and get to do very fun stuff with teachers.

There are very different groups by different teachers .Some groups are Team building, Music,Ict,Sports and Kapa Haka.

Kapa Haka was the name of my group.Every one in our group loves Kapa Haka because that’s there passion about it.

How do I feel?I really like being in Kapa Haka because we get to perform in front heaps of people and also get to learn new waiata’s but also I like meeting new people and being with a awesome teacher Ms Tito.

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