Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kiaora and Greetings to all.My name is Cael Beatty i am a year 7 at Pt England School in Auckland.My favourite subject at school is Te roe Maori and i have many more subjects to share with you.I like Reading,Art and Writing.My favoite home made food is Butter chicken and Sea food.We have really cool teachers especialy Ms Tito.My favourite colour is green.I really like our new building and Netbooks.School is so cool right now.I want to make new friends.

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  1. Hi Cael,

    I like your smiley picture! I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends this year because I know that you can be a cool friend to others.

    It's been great to see you at the KFC (Kids Fitness Club) over the last 2 mornings. Why don't you share your thoughts about that on your blog next time?

    I look forward to reading some more about what you're up to at school.

    From another 'cool teacher'...


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