Monday, June 18, 2012

This week, my class Room 18 and I have been assigned on a good piece of writing and artwork about our favourite place.

We have been given an opportunity to show our drawings or paintings at the Art Gallery where everyone from Room 1 and up their work will be on display.  Everyone will have their own different style.

I chose this picture because of the native trees and sand but, also comparing the glittering and shining sun seeing the reflection of the trees off the ocean “It stands out from the rest.”

Why is the Pt England Beach my favourite place while because there are very many value and enjoyable things to do like Swimming, Volley, relaxing and many more but, no that’s not my reason my reason is because I love hanging with my family and just chilling out it’s where all the good times we had were at.

The beach is amazing for any hot and sizzling day but, mostly in Summer my favourite season of the month.  So where's your FAVOURITE place.

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