Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Indian In The Cupboard.

This term, my class has been given an opportunity to explore an enjoyable story - a novel study. “The Indian in the Cupboard” is the book that my group and I have been reading daily. I have been delighted with this story and hopefully you (my readers) will enjoy it too.

Our story begins with a birthday. It’s Omris’ special day and he receives a second hand plastic indian.  I know this doesn’t sound exciting, but trust me, it really is! This little plastic figure actually comes to life!

I think the story itself so far is a really good and enjoyable.

We read our novel stories from our Notebook, it’s really easy because you don’t have to flip a page you just scroll down.  If you have a problem or trouble you can have a conversation with someone in your group.
Last week we came passed an unfamiliar word, and that word was tantalizing.  What does tantalizing mean? Tantalizing means to torment with something desired but out of reach.

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