Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Room 18 are all Writing about different things like perhaps the Olympics 2012.  I chose to write about the Olympics because it’s the main event going on this year.

Well, as you all kn0w it’s a new term and we have a new topic.  This term we have been assigned to achieve one goal for the London Olympics 2012 and I have chosen to become a faster runner and my friends are joining in to.

This term we have a new topic and our topic is based on the London Olympics 2012.  Our topic I think is going to be really cool because our topic can contain us doing sports and challenges.

The Olympic games is a huge international event during winter and summer, thousands of athletes participate in a variety of sports.  The Olympics are considered to be the most foremost sports competition and more than 20 nations participate in this event.

My favourite Olympics sports event is properly running and high jump I don't have a reason why I like those chosen sports.  Running is not my thing I do enjoy running but not long distances.

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