Friday, March 30, 2012

Duffy Book's

On Wednesday our whole school had an Duffy Assembly which meant we got our brand new Duffy books. Mr Barks gave out our books the day later and I got Ook and Guk and Geronimo- My Valentine's Day.

Mr Burt said that you always have treasure them and then when your old you can get that book out 40 years later and say oh I remember when I got that book.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Reflections Day 1 Highlight take 2

Arriving here to school round about 7.40A.M. I could fell butterflies flying round in my stomach because I could fell a lot of happiness inside because it was our first camp for 2012 and to see all my friends.

So far my favourite camp highlight of the day was Box Fit and setting our tents up. I’m so lucky that I have good friends with me in my team the Respect crew and my amazing Camp leaders Toreka and Lepa.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ben Carson

Dr.Ben Carson one brilliant life saver. In 1987 he succeed in his operation splitting up the Siamese's twins.

On it was a miracle because Pt England 5-8 and many other school’s were going to see him at the Center. As we got into the bus I was nervous but in a good way. When we got there we all waited for the manager to come lead us into the Tesltra Clear Event Center.

As Ben Carson come out everyone clapped for he and I said to myself “ We were actually meeting a really life doctor like Dr.Carson WOW”. I was sitting next to David and we were talking about his amazing American accent.

He told us about about some of his stories when he was a kid. Carson was born in Detroit and his was raised up by his single mother, Sonya Carson. He struggled in academically throughout school, boys in his class us to call him dummy and other mean names like that.

One time he actually had a pocket knife and was going to stab his cousin but luckily his cousin was wearing a metal belt and broke his knife and he said “If he wasn’t wearing it he would can been killed. He us to get in trouble by the police, the police had think that they were trapped but actually wasn't they didn't know how good he was at climbing the tall metal fence. It was about 1 hour and 30 minutes later and Ben had about 20 minutes more to talk to us and then he had to head off.

He said to us " The letter K stands for knowledge and The letter T stands for Talent everyone has a talent like singing,dancing and many more and you have to chase that dream and talent.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Venus the planet of hell.

This is one article that I was extremely excited for me to write about. If you want to read more about this article click on this link

Venus is a planet from Hell because its atmosphere is extremely hot, deadly and heavy. If someone visits Venus they will risk being killed. Some people may think that Mercury is a planet from Hell but it actually isn't. This is because Venus has a hotter atmosphere than Mercury.

The atmosphere on Venus is 100 kms thick and is made up of 96 per cent carbon dioxide.

A day on Venus is equal to 243 days on Earth making it a planet from hell. The French space explorers discovered that the days on Venus are getting even longer.