Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Social (Take Two)

This week I am writing about our school social we had last week.  We had a social because we were fundraising for the year 8’s camp.

Fist pumping in the air, music and bizarre dancing“Yes” you may be asking Pt England’s very own social.  Last Thursday night, there was a school social held for our Year 7’s and 8’s in the hall.

Things we did at Social were awesome competitions, wicked dancing, extremely loud music and delicious food.  My favourite out of all of them was The Dougie Showdown it was Nezinli and Mary but, unfortunately there could only be one winner and that winner was... Nezinli.

Social’s are absolutely good moments be cause for some year 8’s we won’t all be going to the same college and it might be the last moments we will all cherish together.  Like me most of my friends are moving to Australia and only two of my best friends are staying.

I liked every single moment about the social it was absolutely fun and I highly recommend you to create your own social one day.

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