Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day Of Disaster

Exploring the Pt England reserve every Saturday was our daily thing.  We would make adventures up and went for dips.  But one day we found ourselves in a lot of trouble.

Hello my name is Kelly and this is my brother Jack.  Today its the first day of holidays go on an adventure down at the beach and I also brought my camera with me to take interesting photos.

Standing on the edge of a cliff I saw something bizarre in the corner of my eye.  My brother was having a lot of fun so, I took a few photos of him and this is where all the trouble happened.  The flash from the camera had made him feel a bit dizzy, he fell of the rock into the water and smacking his head onto a massive rock, then out of the blues a crowd of sharks surrounded him.  What do I do?

He woke up panicking “HELP”.  As the day was getting darker I was becoming more afraid of the dark then I was of the sharks, so I came up with a solution I told him to calm down and I threw my long black hair into the water using it as rope.  The sharks looked hungry so I reached for his hand and I finally got him to shore.

She wondered aloud what happened to you my dear?  So we told her everything we could possibly remember with a huge smile on my face.  She laughed as hard as she could, yeah right:).  No but really mum and then I shut my mouth close and said " Haha yeah just my imagination.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Higher Hill's Palace

One hot sizzling summer’s day, it was the perfect day to go on an adventure.  There were two sheep’s Clumsy and Cheeky sheep.  They were both exploring the outdoors but one day they find themselves in double trouble.

The Higher Hill's Palace if was the most dangerous place in the village where goblins, dragons and even talking ogres live.  There were signs to warn them but no they didn't take notice of the signs and kept on walking.  Suddenly one goblin stopped them in their tracks and said “I sure do love sheep's” they ran as fast as they wasted no time, Clumsy falling in a ditch and Cheeky climbing the rocks not remembering Clumsy was even where.

Clumsy cried for help ”HELP ME PLEASE”.  Cheeky glanced back at him and in the corner of his eye he saw a huge goblin with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.  Cheeky give Clumsy his hand and in no time they find each other landing face first into a stone hard road.

They had been out on that adventure for seven hours and a half.  They never ever ever stepped foot on Higher Hill’s Palace again and told mum everything but, she did not believe at all.  And one day mum went on an adventure to Higher Hill’s Palace...... TO BE CONTINUED  

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Waking up to a brand new season, no cloud in site and flowers suddenly appearing “Yes” its Spring I exclaimed.  Looking out the window birds were singing lovely songs and chirping on the trees I knew this was going to be a peaceful day.

Oops I almost forgot to introduce myself, hello my name is Shaunie  .  Today would be magnificent day to take a walk through the Rainforest don’t you think?  Chucking my sandals and sun screen on I am ready to go.   My friends Katrina and Dallas were scaring me like crazy but, suddenly stopping at the entrance of the Rainforest I felt fear running down my spine and me entering a black hole.

We were walking so quickly my legs were aching, in no time I was back on my own two feet.  I happened to spot something very unusual in the corner of my eye and that’s when I stopped and said to myself is that a.... “TIGER”.  It was approaching us, we ran for our lives there was no time to look back, we found ourselves climbing the highest tree and thinking what are we going to do?

I suddenly just remembered I had fresh meat packed in my bag.  I had to be brave and face a fear so, I through the fresh, bloody meat down to the tiger and again we ran for our lives.  In no time we were out of danger and back at our checkpoint I cried with relief.

So today ended up being to worst day of my life, getting chased by a tiger wasn’t in any of my plans.  I'm more afraid of rainforests then I am of tigers so I highly recommend you to never ever ever step foot in a rainforest.