Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 Challenge

Yesterday there was a team 5 challenge held at the bottom field for our whole senior block.Every teacher had a cool challenging game prepared for us.

As we walked down to the field and I saw Mr Harris get already and prepared.Then Ms T pulled out a couple of ball and then there hoops already set up I thought we were throwing balls into the hoops and I said to myself “Its going to be easy”!But as soon as Ms T brag out the sling shot I melted down.“Its going to be double trouble”.It was my turn to go up but I was nervous and people might have laughed at me in a mean way so I missed my turn.Then after a couple of times seeing another people do it I didn't realize how much fun it looked so as I was walking to go have a turn but it was time to rotate.

Our second game we played was partnering up tying a rope round your leg and walking with a spoon and tennis ball.So as soon as Mr Harris told us to partner up Emilee and I did.When it was our turn we tied the rope around then I held the spoon and tennis ball.Ready,set,go we went off like two slow snails.I dropped the spoon and ball a couple of time and fell over a few times and it hurt.Then the winner out of our class versed one another it was funny watching some of them fall.

My most favourite game was Mrs Nua’s because it involved water.

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