Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have never played Badminton before so I was curious to try something new. On Thursday Morning Room 22 was first to go into the hall to practice how to play Badminton.

At first we kicked off with Laureen inter gusting herself to us.Then we got straight into controlling the shuttle with our badminton sticks.Laureen said always keep focus on the shuttle and always hit it gently then as soon a I looked down I lost my concentration I was worried that I wouldn’t get the hang of it be the end of this lesson.

My favourite activity that I like the most was practice how to hit the shuttle under your legs and hit it back to your partner. At first when I saw Laureen and Charm controlling it and to me it looked Easy-Peasy but trying it and learning how to hit it David and I failed trying to hit it but when Laureen come over to help us and Laureen told David and I that we were hitting it to hard.Then I said to myself this will be a challenge for me 3 shoots at less.

What I really liked about Badminton was controlling the shuttle with your badminton stick and focusing on the shuttle and not looking down.

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