Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Topic vocab vine

Modify: I changed my design by putting p.e.s that means Pt England School,clovers on the cautions and putting different colored greens on there.

Generate: We are generating ideas by coming up with ideas.

Practical; It is reasonable,possible and suitable for a certain purpose

Solution:Finding a problem or finding answers.The problem i think that me and Tule had to find out was trying to cooperate together because we were wondering around.Identify: I need to identify a problem, making the street a place we all love and respect by designing furniture to enhance learning and is an extension of our classroom.

Research: We need to do some research to find designs of furniture to inspire our own ideas and get creative with it by looking up funky furniture and

Evaluate;To assess (How did I/we do)

Visualize:To see in your head,image

Reflect:To think carefully or deeply about it by focusing.

For the last 4-5 weeks Room 22 have been focusing on our topic Bigger,Better,Faster,Stronger and we are doing our design process and prototypes.

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