Thursday, May 5, 2011

Term One reflection

One of the things I was pleased about last term was my Artwork.My report results were pretty awesome I got excellent for Art,behaviour and my academic progress i got good.Next time I know i can do better .As my mum reed it me and her were really disappointed!

I need to improve on being focus more because I get nervous and don’t finish of my work and walk around and get put off when ever Ms T says” time to share it with me I have nothing to share with she.So next time my mum will see I’d finished my work of properly and smile at me!

How did my term go?It was amazing because I had met new people and made heaps of friends in my class and don’t forget my awesome teacher Ms Tito.Its really not what i was hoping for but its way better then I thought .So when I get my big report my mum will read it and smile at me!So that’s what my term was like?

These are my DLO results:

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